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From recording right through to the final master, I can provide my skills and industry connections to bring your demo to life.


I can record and mix a live session for you or your band. This can be done in conjunction with your own filming team, or I can source one for you.


Already have your material recorded but need someone to get it ready for mastering? I can provide a mastering-ready mix.


This service will provide a high quality audio recording that you can pass on to a mix engineer or producer.


Get your songs ready for distribution on streaming services. This service can be combined with mixing at a discount.


I can also provide video editing or graphics services atop any production project, to help produce high quality visuals and advertising materials.


Where are you based?

I currently work out of central London, however I can travel! You can often find me in Bristol, Gloucestershire and Falmouth, but I am always happy to make a journey for a project (please note that travel costs will need to be factored into any pricing).

I can also work remotely for some projects, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Do you have a studio space?

I do not own a studio space, however if recording is part of a project's requirements we can either make use of your own space, or hire out a rehearsal space/recording studio, depending on the budget of your project.

What should I include in my first contact?

If you have a set idea in mind, give as much info as you can about the goals, expectations and budget of the project. Please include any demos if you have them (a voice note recording is good enough) as well as reference tracks.

However, I'm also always open for a more freeform chat about your ideas if things aren't set in stone - preliminary consultations are always free, I'd love to discuss your project with you.

How much do you charge?

In lieu of a flat rate, I can provide you a price quote after consultation. This price will be based on the complexity, requirements and estimated hours the project will take to complete.

If this amount is out of your budget, we can discuss alternatives and actions that can be undertaken to cut the costs - I want to ensure any given project is as straightforward as possible for myself, and as budget-friendly as possible for you.


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