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Lawrence Chaplin is an audio engineer and producer from the South West of England. Working in a variety of genres, Lawrence draws from a wide range of musical inspirations to help artists develop their projects from demo to final release, provide creative recording solutions, or to simply provide a professional mix and master to their track.

Graduating from Falmouth University with a degree in Creative Music Technology, Lawrence is informed by an eclectic background in games design, visual art, graphics and music. Utilising technical and creative skills fostered over five years of recording and production experience, Lawrence is comfortable working in a range of styles, pulling techniques and inspiration from across genre boundaries.

Beyond audio recording and production, Lawrence has experience in composition for video games and short films - making the jump into the music industry after composing music for video games while studying Games Development. He also leverages his knowledge in graphic design and video editing to provide clients with visual content to supplement their music.


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